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Picture of Kayla in Thailand holding a chang beer

Just Me.

Have you not traveled because you do not have anyone to go with? Well, let me stop you right there! I believe traveling is an experience for yourself. If you have a traveling partner, great! If you don't, great! 

I decided to create this blog as an outlet for me to share my memories with others, but also as a reward to myself. I feel accomplished, happy, and excited. 

I can make your bucket list a reality!

Over the past few years, I have made travel a priority. I have been really smart in planning my trips and getting the best out of my PTO ( paid time off ) which led to people always asked me:

1. How do I get to travel so much?

2. How can I go on the same vacation/holiday as you?

Because I was constantly giving travel advice and recommendations, I decided to start a blog to host all my travel adventures and tips. In addition to that, I became a certified travel agent. What that means is I have access to tons of booking partners and can find deals for people anytime. I have taken away the stress of planning your own trip. My service is completely free. Yes, Free. I have other options you can find HERE. 

For some people the planning is a nightmare, but I quite enjoy the hunt for the best deal and the best itinerary! 

Click below to contact me for a personalized travel itinerary!

6 Reasons to use a travel agent!

1. It's Free

2. Saves you time

3. Saves you money

4. Exclusive access to deals you would not find on your own

5. Personalized experiences

6. Did I mention its free? 

For those who like to plan their own trips, you can use my backend travel website, there are some deals listed weekly. Click the button to  search your own trips. Contact me if you need any extra help!

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