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3 Days in Almafi

CIAO! Sorrento, Positano & Capri

Every year I try to go to Europe. It is one of my favorite places to visit. In 2017, I decided to do as much as I could in 14 days. I traveled to Spain, Germany, Italy & France. I went to places in those countries that I hadn’t been before. From all the places, the Almafi Coast was breathtaking, so I want to share my 3 days there!

This trip took a lot of planning and a lot of research. The most popular places in the South of Italy are Sorrento, Positano, Ravello, Maiori and of course a short ferry to Capri. Because we were limited on time, we decided to go to Sorrento, Positano and Capri.

There are a few ways of getting to South of Italy such as a plane ride to Naples or a train. It all depends on from where you are coming from. You can also opt to renting a car, which I am sure is an adventure in itself. ( If you go this route, insurance coverage is key ) Once you are there it's pretty simple. I suggest having key words and directions on your phone incase communicating with the locals becomes a bit difficult.

Keep reading about my 3 days in the Almafi with some added tips!


Arriving in Sorrento

My friend and I arrived in Sorrento ready to check into our hotel and explore! We decided to stay in Sorrento as our home base since traveling to and from different areas in the Almafi Coast is pretty easy and affordable.

Travel tip: Do your research before you go to any new place! It will save you a headache of figuring things out when you are there, especially when you do not speak the language.

We walked through the town of Sorrento to the bus station where you can jump on a bus ( 1.50 euro ) to head to Positano. It is about a 45 minute drive but the views are breathtaking.

When you arrive in Positano, they drop you off at the very top, so be prepared to walk down plenty of stairs. Wear comfortable shoes! The way this city was built is mind blowing to me. It is a work of art. By the time we reached the beach it was lunch time so we went to Buca di Bacco . On top of the best view of the beach and all the houses above, it was such an incredible lunch. They have amazing chefs and offer Italian cooking classes, which I am taking the next time I go! Be sure to get a limoncello after your lunch.

After that we wandered a bit more and ended getting a chair and umbrella on the main beach ( you have to spend $$ for these, but worth it ). We ordered Rosé and olives and just took in the beautiful city. We waited until the sunset to finally get up and to explore more streets of Positano.

After wandering we went back to Sorrento for the night and stopped at a local restaurant for some yummy dinner. You can't go wrong with pasta, pizza and wine. Always order the house wine, it is affordable and delicious. ( TIP: Last bus leaves at 10pm )


We woke up in Sorrento and set out to Capri! We took the ferry which is about 14 euros. We arrived in Capri and it was everything I had imagined. Capri is known for their lemons. So be sure to see tons of lemons everywhere.

We decided to climb all the way to the top of Capri on an incline. Best way to burn off the pasta and wine we have been having! On our way we obviously stopped multiple times to take photos of the view. We walked through the streets, we even saw a wedding take place and heard the bells of the church ring with happiness. The day was beautiful. I had been researching a lot and one of the top places to go to was La Fontelina. It had been recommended by many people. You can take a boat to the restaurant or hike a trail through the mountains. We decided on the adventure route. The trail felt like a hidden passageway to the promise land. We arrived at La Fontelina and it was exactly how people described. Outdoor restaurant with fresh seafood and rocks on the water to layout and enjoy the sun. Looks just like a 007 movie! Lunch and chairs were pretty pricey, but even if you are on a budget, you should splurg on this.

We had an incredible lunch and enjoyed the beautiful day tanning and drinking wine. I did try to get into the water but it was freezing! ( We traveled in May ) Once we needed to start heading back, we took the boat they provide back to one of the marinas and made our way back through town to catch our Ferry to Sorrento.

( Tip: You can easily buy a ferry ticket at the pier )

Day 3

On day 3 we decided to actually go to Almafi. They have a bus that takes you there and it's a long ride, about an hour and half. The views were fantastic though. We arrived in Almafi and it was a smaller town and we walked it pretty quickly. We had lunch and decided to take a ferry back to Positano since we felt we needed more time there! We walked through the winding streets and peeked into different stores and obviously has more wine.There we met VITO! who owns a beautiful linen store called, La Bottega de Brunella! He took us to see how they make the beautiful clothing and meet his family! Incredibly nice and hospitable people.

As we returned to Sorrento, we ended our 3 days wit a surprise firework show right outside our window and a bottle of champagne.

PS: Next time I will probably stay in Positano as my home base!

Traveling to the Almafi Coast is an experience, and picture perfect.


Almafi Coast Tips:

• Pick a home base and you can travel to and from the different areas without having to lug your suitcase ( although you should always travel light! )

• Check when it's high season, you do not want to be in the Almafi when the beaches are completely filled. We went just before peak season. Traveled in May, perfect weather too.

•Research your hotels, these cities are on the sides of mountains, so although on a map it might look all close to the center, they are not. Read the notes on distance to Il Duomo or the beach.

• If you have the budget, stay in La Sirenuse...$$$ best view of Positano.


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