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A little about me

I wanted to share a little about my backstory without boring anyone, but I feel there should always be some context on why I have created this blog. Here it goes!

My name is Kayla from Miami, Florida. I was lucky enough to have my parents take me on vacations when I was growing up. From my first trip overseas, or cruising around the Caribbean, I have always wanted to see more. As I got older, finished high school and went to college, my traveling kind of ended. I had a few years that I would not go anywhere. Why? Because I didn't want to go alone.

In 2012, I moved to Manhattan, NY. I think this was the first step for me to . know what being alone meant and knowing that it is actually AMAZING! I learned a lot about myself. Exploring by myself, finding a hole in the wall coffee shop and getting lost was magical to me. There was something with this alone time that spark an interest to keep wandering. But, when I moved back home, I got in a relationship. At this time, I saw a great opportunity to travel because my boyfriend was into it too. It was a moment in time, where I finally went on trips I had held off on going to... but I wasn't alone.

After that relationship ended, I was bummed, not because of the relationship, but because I didn't have a travel partner. Honest. All my girlfriends had started getting married, or having serious relationships, so I kind of just stayed put. A dear friend of mine introduced me to this travel group called, Contiki, for ages 18-35. It is marketed to be a fun adventure for like minded people, and mostly solo travelers.

( Click on the link if you are interested in finding out more about Contiki )

I decided, I am not going to sit around until someone comes along to travel with, and decided to book my first solo trip to Europe. I had gone before, but not in this way. Completely alone, which sparked that feeling again of wandering. Honestly, I wish I would have started doing these trips earlier. I turned 27 during the trip.

After I set out on my first solo trip, and after meeting all the people from all over the world, I said, " There is absolutely nothing that will stop me from making travel plans and go" Since then I have made it a priority to travel and help others be ok with traveling alone, if they do not have someone to go with. Guys! It's totally ok! As long as you are smart, savvy and open to different cultures, people and FOOD.

Over the years, I had set out on other solo travels, as well as convinced some friends to come along. On my last solo travel to Thailand, I decided to create this blog as an outlet for me to share my memories with others, encourage people to travel no matter what, but also as a reward to myself. I feel accomplished, happy, and excited. All my blog posts you see here are genuinely posted to share my experience. Most of these photos were not intended to live on a blog, or even on my social media. I have taken some time to learn more about editing and taking photos, but this is just that start.

Whether you are going solo or with friends/family -- traveling is so worth it.

This travel site is going to include my travels, along with tips and tricks and anything related to traveling.

I have also started a new venture! I am officially an Independent Travel Agent. I have access to loads of vacations and great itineraries and DEALS! My goals is to find the best travel experience for you. The best part, my planning and advising services are completely free! I take the hassle out of planning and help you get the best bang for your buck and also give you tips on how to maximize your vacation time.

If you like planning for yourself, I have this web portal that can help you plan and give you great specials and deals. Click here to explore the portal or go to the contact page and drop me a note letting me know what you are looking for and when!

Happy Travels!

"There is absolutely nothing that will stop me from making travel plans and go"


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