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Costa Rica

Pure Life. Pura Vida. and so it was...

Costa Rica 2016. I had previously traveled here before when I was about 11 with my family, but this trip was completely different. I went with a group a friends and stayed in the most remote little house with an entire beach as my backyard. Miles and miles of beach. The area was called Quepos. It's pretty close to Jaco, which is a popular location in Costa Rica.

We rented a car and each day we explored a little bit of this beautiful country. We would drive through the winding roads and on one of these days we kept hearing about a beautiful beach behind a mountain called Manuel Antonio National Park ( link ). We decided to take the winding roads to explore this site.

PURA VIDA, to live a peaceful, simple, uncluttered life with deep appreciation of nature, family and friends; a "real living" that reflects happiness, well-being and satisfaction.”

While we visited, we saw that there were little huts offering surf lessons. Surfing has been on my bucket list since I could remember. It was fate! Needless to say, I did it!

We decided to come back the next day to go surfing. This was probably one of the best experiences of my life. Our surf instructors were young and fun and definitely enjoyed their jobs. PURA VIDA!

Other then surfing, we also went zip-lining through the rainforest and ate some delicious foods… plus some great drinks! One of the coolest places I went to have drinks and some food plus hang out overlooking the most incredible view was this restaurant called El Avion.

It's an old army aircraft that has a bar and a restaurant inside and in the back it opens to a big deck where you have the most spectacular view! Highly recommend it. There is so much to do, so much to see. Highly recommend going.

I think the best part of Costa Rica are the people. I actually wanted to move there!

Just go, Kayla


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