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Eating my way around the world

Here are some of my favorite foods in different parts of the world.


Casa Mono in Gramercy. Michelin-starred Spanish restaurant just east of New York's Union Square. Absolute favorite. I do not believe they have this exact dish on the menu anymore, but some of my favorites include the bone marrow, razor clams, and fennel octopus salad.


Pai, Mae Hong Son

This meal was so delicious but other than that, it was probably less than $5. Each of these dishes have their own unique flavor. I love spicy so I even add a little extra kick to them.


The village

I love Chinese food, but in China it is actually on another level. The flavors are incredible. Most restaurants have photos so you can point and order, because hardly anyone speaks English. Every time I ordered it was like a mini surprise, since I did not know really what I was getting until I arrived. Luckily it was always great!


Escargot! Snails, so yummy! People usually give me a face of disgust anytime I say I like escargot or even order them, but I give that face right back! As in, I am shocked you haven't event tried it! I love them and they are so delicious and then dipping fresh bread in the garlic juice is mouth watering!


La Fontellina

Other than being one of the most breathtaking places in the world, the food is esquisite. I am a huge fan of pasta la bongolla "pasta with baby clams" I had to keep trying it at almost all the restaurants in the south of Italy. Paired with a crisp white wine it is fantastico!


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