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My First Contiki to Europe

I had been to Europe before, but never like this!

In 2016, I decided, enough is enough, I am going to travel and I am not waiting on anyone!

Contiki is made for 18-35 year olds with the desire to see the world, meet new people and feel alive! Thanks to a very good friend of mine, this was the first time I went on a solo trip. I had been on planes before solo, but always had someone at the other end waiting for me. This was a trip that I had no clue who I would be meeting, and honestly no clue what I would be seeing.

This specific trip was called European Magic. 10 days visiting England, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and France. Yep, 7 countries in 10 days. Might sound like a lot but its so worth it!

I'll have a separate blog on each of the countries I visited. I will link each one below.

( eventually )

On Contiki you can room with someone or you can opt to get your own room ( a bit more expensive ). I decided to room with someone. Sarah, such an amazing soul. I was very lucky!

Contiki had everything planned to the "T". Transportation, hotels, most meals, tours, experiences, nightlife activities etc. The group manager was extremely helpful, and very knowledgeable. You were always on the go, but never felt overwhelmed.

So when I said I traveled alone, well, as soon as you join a Contiki you immediately have tons of people just like YOU! Needless to say, I was not alone.

Seems like an overwhelming amount of people, but I promise you, you do not even feel it.The European tours typically have you traveling in big busses. It really is the most cost effective way to get around and after all the site seeing you will be so happy to sit a bit on the bus. Plus you get to see way more of the actual country. The scenery is incredible and most of the time people miss this because they are on a plane.

YES, being on a bus for a few hours can be tedious and not for everyone, but the experience you get by going on one of these trips is priceless.

Many people ask, do you feel safe? The answer is yes. One of the big things I say, is you have to have common sense. Plan ahead and research before you go anywhere. The trip managers do a great job informing everyone of where they are and give tips on what to do during free time.

On this 18-35 year old tours, you can easily get caught up in the nightlife, trust me, they are really fun! but BE SMART! Don't be THAT person... I talk from experience.

One advice I would give anyone is that you should at least once in your life go on a solo group travel trip! It is life changing.


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