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My Thailand Tips

Tip #1 GO TO THAILAND [ ok for real, below are my tips ]

  1. Don't bring too much clothes, you will end up wearing Elephant pants, shorts, bathing suits and loose fitting clothes. There is absolutely no need for heels or any nice shoes for that matter. Bring the bare minimum, you won't feel like you NEED outfits. Plus Elephants pants cost about $5 there. Do bring respectful clothes for the temples. Your shoulders and knees should be covered. A scarf or a t-shirt would do and a long skirt or elephant pants.

  2. Change your money at the airport. You get more bang for your buck. If you run out of cash and you need to get some from the ATM, get out more than you think you will need, only because they do charge you 200 baht per transaction. ( which is $6 ) $6 can get you A LOT of Pad Thai and Changs so do not waste it on a transaction fee.

  3. Stay hydrated and load up on bottled water. I would buy two big liters and have them in my room and refill my water. Just stay hydrated, it is hot, hot and more hot. Do not drink the tap water!

  4. Get massages! As many as you want. You will find a massage place at ever corner, even right next to each other. You will thank me later. The massages are wonderful and they are so cheap! Like $5 cheap. Remember anytime you go to these places, take off your shoes at the entrance out of respect.

  5. Eat the street food. You will be ok. The street food is probably one of my favorite parts of Thailand. It is so yummy and its safe! Pad Thai on the street will cost you around 40 baht, which is roughly $1.30 If you are feeling daring, just like I am when I travel, you can even try the scorpions! They taste like chips.

  6. Visit an Elephant Sanctuary. My recommendation is to visit them in the north part of Thailand, such as in Kanchaburri and Chiang Mai. It is a wonderful experience to feed, swim and bathe with these elephants. They are beautiful creatures. I also heard they think we're cute.

  7. Do not touch Thai people on their head. They find this extremely disrespectful. Not sure why you would touch someone on their head but, just don't do it. Also, do not speak about the Thai Royal family, you can get into serious trouble. Do not point with your feet either. Avoid this.

  8. If you are hanging by the beach, or just walking about and you want to drink a beer, buy it at 711! It is much cheaper than buying it at restaurant. You can find some Changs in 711 for about $1 where as at a restaurant it is a whopping $2.30 - $3 ( yes, thats not expensive but why pay for 1, when you can get 2 )

  9. If you are visiting Thailand, you are probably or I hope you are staying at least 10 days plus. To see a lot, you will be moving around trying to get in as many places as possible. A lot of the transportations, especially on the islands is by ferry or long boat. Carrying a suitcase is not ideal. I recommend traveling with an Osprey bag, or something similar. You can pack a lot and carry it on your back comfortably instead of lugging around a suitcase when the grounds are not even and going up and down stairs is not the safest.

  10. Bring bug spray and your own sun lotion. Although everything is pretty cheap, things like bug spray and sun lotion is not cheap, its pretty expensive, so carrying your own is wise and very useful.

Contact me if you want more information and tips on Thailand.


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