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Travel Insurance

Why is it important? I have put my top 5 reasons on why travel insurance is important!

There are many stories I can tell you about people who have been literally saved by travel insurance, and there are some horror stories too. For now, I will share with you my top 5 reasons

1. Accident/ illness before or during your trip

With travel insurance you can get medical treatment covered and emergency evacuation if needed. I have seen people get seriously hurt on vacation and if they didn't have travel insurance they would probably be trying to figure out how to pay for treatment and leave the country.

2. Cancellation or delays

If your connecting flight is delayed and you miss a tour or another flight, there are policies that can cover this, as well as help you get back on track or put you up in a hotel or another flight.

3. Losing your documents while traveling

I have seen this happen multiple times. If you lose or damage your passport it will not be easy or cheap to replace while you are abroad.

Travel insurance covers that!

4. Lost luggage

This is everyone's worst fear! If you luggage is delayed or lost, travel insurance can reimburse you for items you needed to purchase during this time.

5. Illness or family member illness

Let's say you are going on a African Safari but the day before your mother falls and she is in the emergency room, you can't go on this trip! Travel insurance will cover this and reimburse you.

( must be a covered reason )


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