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What I pack on every trip!

After traveling to a lot of different places, I have created a list of must have essentials that I take on every trip. I started creating this essential list after being on a vacation and suddenly thinking to myself, "Oh, I should have definitely brought that"


#1 Packing Cubes! Although this isn't a must pack essential, it does help your overall packing. I use these packing cubes because they fit so much and squeeze tighly making extra space for other essentials. It's also easier to unpack and pack if you are moving around to different areas. You can really get a lot in these!

# 2 Travel Towel

ok, so this is a new one for me. On my first trip to Thailand, we went to the Erawan Waterfalls. Small thing to note, when you visit there, to walk around you have to be covered. Meaning be in respectful clothing. Once you go in the waterfalls you can be in your swimsuit, but just hanging about, you have to be in actual clothes or a towel. I saw a girl with a microfiber beach towel. Genius! she simply pulled it out and dried herself off and put it back in her bag. She was perfectly dry and I was standing there like a wet dog having to put my clothes on and get them all wet. So as soon as I got back, I ordered this one. The best part about it is that it's great to have incase of anything. Take it to the beach, an excursion, when your bus breaks down and have to shower in a public restroom... just saying.

# 3 Portable charger

This goes without saying, but you would be surprised. Portable charger is a must! Especially for those long journeys or when you want to have a backup just incase. While in Thailand, I stayed in this beautiful remote hotel. The River Kwai Jungle Raft Hotel. It has zero electricity, wifi etc. Naturally, the group I was with wanted to capture every moment. Without realizing, our battery was being drained while we took photos and video. Luckily I was able to charge my phone to have a full charge for the next day adventures.

# 4 International Converter

This is a must for international travel. This will save you from having to figure out which converter to take. Just take all of them! I particularly like this one because it has usb ports which is helpful when you want to charge your phone and curl your hair! I once blew up my amazing curling iron in London because I didn't use the correct converter.

#5 Compression Socks

ok so this might not be so glamorous but I swear it works. Everyone is different, but my feet swell up a lot when I travel, especially on planes. I hydrate a lot but still my body just retains so much. Compression socks have been so helpful in circulating and keeping my feet normal and not looking like elephant feet.

#6 TSA approved lock

This comes in handy for many reasons. I sometimes travel with an Osprey bag instead of a roller luggage. The Osprey bags do not come with locks, so this is very helpful especially if you need to leave your bag somewhere while you are off exploring.

#7 Printed copy of your passport & digital copy as well

I can't tell you how important it is to have this. For starters, when you travel internationally, I always suggest for you to not walk around with your passport. Take the copy with you and your digital copy. Leave your passport in your room within a locked suitcase or a safe. I once found a passport in the streets of Venice, Italy. It belonged to a 19 year old girl. Because I like a challenge, I became 007 and searched for this girl. I actually FOUND her in the small streets of Venice. I gave her a mouth full and gave her this exact tip.

#8 Extra bag ( compact )

There are many reasons I take a compact bag. This is for the just incase moments, which can happen more often than you think. Here are some reasons to consider this a good idea.

1. You go shopping

2. They make you check your actual carry on luggage. I can't tell you how many times I have been told to check in my tiny carry on luggage. When this happens, I transfer all my important items to this extra bag to take on as the personal item. This gives me a bit of peace of mind. You will travel knowing you have the essentials.

3. Overnight bag. There have been times I have been on a group travel and they tell you to only bring what you need for one night for a specific location. With this extra bag, you can easily store your one night essentials. I have had this happen in Germany and in Thailand. It comes very useful.

#9 Electronics organizer

I used to just throw all of my cords in my carry on bag and then struggle to get them out untangled. By packing all my electronics in an organized bag it helps me save time and separated from my other items. Might seem like a small thing, but it is extremely helpful

#10 Kindle

A kindle has become quite useful when traveling. I love watching movies and series on my ipad or iphone when I travel, but there are times that I like to read and get lost in a story. Also, when there isn't any Wifi or I am trying to save as much battery as possible, I turn on my kindle and read. During my normal hectic life when I am not traveling, I do not have that much time to read. So having a kindle on hand is very nice.

Just go, Kayla


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