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The Wonders of Granada, Spain

Being of Spanish descent, Spain has always been on my list to explore.

Granda is in the Andalucia region just in the foothill of the Nevada Mountains. It is known for its medieval architecture and its history. As you walk through Granada, the light hits each stone, tree, and its locals as if a movie director directed a scene for a romantic movie.

Where to stay:

I stayed in the area by the Darro River, the Albacyzin, which I highly recommend. This area was walkable, with close proximity to the Alhambra, shops, restaurants, and plazas. Anything close by to the Alhambra is just about perfect. I stayed in Limehome. Limehome is a boutique hotel that comes fully furnished and have a full kitchen. Not a typical hotel, as you receive a code to enter and do not have a concierge, but the location is fantastic. Interested in staying here, contact me! The room I stayed in had spectacular views of all the rooftops of the city.

What to do:

Here are the top 5 things to do in Granada:

1. Visit the Alhambra. The Alhambra is a must-see in Granada. It is a palace and fortress built between the 12th and 13th centuries. It is full of history and the grounds have the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. I highly recommend booking a private tour to truly understand the magnitude of this historic UNESCO place. Click here to book a private tour.

2. Mirador de San Nicolas. Walk up the winding roads to this Mirador. Mirador is an architectural feature that looks out to an incredible site or view of its surroundings.

3. Walk the Carrera del Darro

4. Go to las Cuevas & see a traditional dance called Zambra. I recommend visiting the caves and making a reservation at Venta el Gallo for dinner & show. It was epic. It was really intimate and such an amazing cultural experience.

5. La Catedral de Granada ( Cathedral ) It is the largest and most beautiful cathedral I had ever been to.

Where to eat: What to eat: Everything.

1. Breakfast at Cafe 4 Gatos

2. Lunch at Los Manueles & Bar Casa 1899

3. Dinner at Negro Carbon Albayzin & Bodegas Castañedas

4. Wine everywhere! Order the house wine because you cannot go wrong with it! Spain wine is like no other. oh! and it's cheaper than coke. A nice place to have a late-night glass of wine ( or bottle ) is La Tabernilla del Darro.

Want to book your trip to Granada, Spain? Contact me at and I can provide you the best itinerary for any time of year.

Happy Travels, KaylaBar Travels


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