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What kind of traveler are you?

I am typically placed within a solo traveler bucket because I have been known to travel solo. But what does solo traveling mean?

I am sure you have heard it before: travel solo but never alone. I completely agree with this statement.

I have gone on many solo trips and end up surrounded by SO many people, I am actually never alone. I might have boarded a plane alone and returned alone, but while I am at my destination, I am not alone. One of the main things I have learned from traveling solo is there are so many people doing the same who are business professional, students, entrepreneurs and more. They are in different stages of life, different ages etc. People think solo traveling is just backpacking and staying in hostels but that is not always the case. While I think backpacking is great, cheap and fun, it’s not for everyone. I have done budget trips and I’ve gone on trips that I’ve splurged ( maybe a little too much) and I’ve done just normal trips.

Whether you consider yourself a solo traveler, group traveler, couple traveler, adventure traveler, family traveler... the list goes on... YOU are a traveler and that’s what counts. Seeing life with a new perspective is a gift that is priceless.


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